An arch holds the weight above it, much like we do in our own lives.   

With inspirations of nature, architecture and vibrancy, my work embodies the idea of personal human experience. I choose to depict figures in the midst of balancing mental and physical challenges accompanied by a world of abstraction. The figures, like the arch, are beautiful and graceful yet demonstrate incredible strength, their perseverance through struggles, or are seen at the entrance to a new beginning.  

Through the brightness of my color palette and the realism of my figures, I hope to shine a positive light on what it truly feels like to be alive.  

I have always been drawn to the painted figure. I find it fascinating in the way artists have been able to capture the pure vessel of our lives. On the other hand, I find myself in love with abstraction and the world of color and creation that it holds. Within my work, I dance on the line between the two, creating a landscape where the figure and realism fall into an abstract harmony. I use line, vibrant colors and pattern to portray a whimsical and lively narrative, creating bursts of loose brushstrokes and areas of tight rendering. With that, I believe in the poetry of my paintings and the stories they create about my experience.