About Mackenna Overholt

Hi everyone! My name is Mackenna and I am a 22 year old artist based in Bozeman Montana!

With roots in Colorado, I grew up in a society that embodied nature. I found value in playing in the dirt, climbing in the trees. It was a world where sunshine hit my soul and creativity blossomed. I became a creature of the arts, creating my own universe where my thinking was accepted, where it could flourish. I began to prioritize art throughout my educational and professional years. I knew that this passion was going to follow me for the rest of my life, naive to society’s standards. After recently completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama, I have recently relocated to Bozeman, MT where I am now continuing my work as a professional artist, still surrounded by the ever inspiring nature.

In this world I’ve created, I see every element as visual poetry, as a beautiful form through my artful lenses. As my adolescence grew into chronic illness, I chose to funnel my experiences into paintings of self expression and vibrancy. I strive to portray a sense of organic energy within my work, drawing upon the things that spark joy and worth inside of me. Reflecting on my travels, of studying art throughout Italy, I fell in love with art over and over again. Traveling became a huge inspiration for me and I hope to show others how I see the world through my artwork.

As I dance on the line between abstraction and representation, I emphasize the contrast between liveliness and realism through vivid oil paintings and mixed media artworks. With elements of texture, line and color, I create visually intriguing paintings that embody vast juxtaposition, dynamic motion and collage-like compositions. I capture the essence of a feeling within the human figure, themes of mental health, all accompanied by whimsical shapes, colors and patterns. These feelings, emotions of a true being, form the human connection to this world around us. I choose to feel alive. I choose to paint the life in this world.